Nilufer Musaeva or @wishious

art, design, coding, research

Currently in Bremen, studying MA Digital Media

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About me and this website

Words and ideas and pictures are flying around me, producing a quiet buzz and whenever I am the most sensitive I go and reach this source of buzzing. One day it could be the body itch, another — impossibility to remember how something smelled when I was 7 years old. I research absurd and build paths between incompatible — write a book about websites, make an app prototype for psychogeographical drifts, write a text about finding a worker of a toothbrush factory who sealed their hair in the toothbrush.

I chose design studies in my high school without having slightest idea about it. During these studies my peers were told that the stuff I make or think about is worthy and needs to be shared or collected. I would collect the pictures and designs that I like in a separate folder on social media — my friends would open it, like and comment.

My taste and artistic style are a kaleidoscope of all these pictures, likes, and discussions. This folder does not exist anymore, but in my art, I am trying to imitate this little comfortable corner and immerse the viewer into the world of this thought an cloud (and couple of thoughts that got transformed into artworks).

Straightforward process of doing things never seemed convincing  — would much rather go diagonal, curly, or upside down, rethinking everything, juggling mediums, and questioning the task.

While applying to the fine arts department I produced a readymade: came with a Polaroid camera and took pictures of other applicants’ projects and put them in the supermarket stall, making a supermarket of others’ application projects.  

My art and design practice is lively, like some sort of puppy, playing with the viewer and engaging them in interaction. While making my website I have been thinking about the folder in the social media I had when I was a teen. I hope you can feel it somehow.